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That's 4!

2010-08-10 | ~1 minute(s) | ~143 words
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Just thought it was worth noting that I have now leveled my 4th character to 80 in WoW: my Draenei Priest. This particular character is setup to heal only, I haven’t decided if I want to pursue a dual talent setup which would allow me to DPS as well. I will probably stick with healing just to keep things simple.

Now the real game can begin: acquiring epic gear, gems and enchantments. For the longest time I had no idea what people meant when they said, “the game begins when you reach (insert level cap for current content here).” Now it makes sense - you really do start all over again with gear, heroic dungeons and raids galore.

In the back of my mind the question looms: which character will I grind to 80 next?

Until next time, hope to see you online!


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