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Psionists are Overrated

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Well, not much to report with regard to gaming tonight.

Played a little Marble Blast Ultra on the Xbox earlier this evening.

Didn’t see anyone on WoW so I ended up playing Vanguard. I’ve decided that Psionists require too much forethought in the approach to battle so I deleted mine.

I created a Dread Knight to replace it. So far, this seems to be a bit more of the “hack and slash” play style I enjoy. Maybe tomorrow I will update the character profile list on my web site if you’re interested in checking it out.

In an unrelated story…

I decided I would associate my Xbox Live gamer tag with my new Windows Live ID. What a mistake! Although migrating to the new Windows Live ID worked well, it would seem that trying to delete my unused/old Windows Live ID is so difficult that no one at Microsoft knows how to do it. Perhaps I am too ignorant to fully comprehend what is involved. Perhaps I was foolish to believe that closing an unused account was a simple request.

While I usually refrain from making light of corporate culture‚ it would seem your technical support experience with a company depends largely on who answers your call. Unfortunately for me, every person I talked to proceeded to tell me what they could not do. Hours later‚ I have accomplished nothing. For all the effort invested into this seemingly simple transaction, Microsoft’s support was at best an epic failure.

At last I have some chocolate to console myself with. It’s been a day. Time for me to wrap things up and crash. Until next time…


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