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Quantifying Wasted Time

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You know you’ve been playing WoW too much when your total “/played” time is in excess of a year. Literally 365+ days worth of my life spent in-game. Sadly, this doesn’t include all the characters I got to level 30-50 and deleted. Nor does it include all the time I have spent playing EQ, EQ II, Vanguard, or console games.

But at least it was fun. =)

Speaking of fun‚ I didn’t see any of my usual comrades online so I played my night elf rogue, Nelfrage for a while. Did some questing in Hellfire Peninsula, but no particularly unusual adventures to report.

By the way‚ still no luck terminating my old Windows Live ID. Getting Microsoft’s run around where everyone that contacts me via email or telephone asks me to do the same ineffective things (which is insanity by definition).



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