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2009-04-24 | ~1 minute(s) | ~143 words
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Last night was a first.

Cleared Molten Core with my Horde guild in about an hour. Not only the fastest raid I have ever done‚ but it was nice to actually see the old world content that I had not experienced before. Also scored some BOE level 60 epics that were promptly donated to the guild bank.

Tonight‚ I did a solo run of Black Rock Depths for the achievement, got my key for Dire Maul, and leveled my death knight to 70 in a single session. Time well wasted if you ask me. Not to mention it made me feel better after dumping nearly $800 into getting my truck serviced earlier today.

So‚ as of today I have:

  • 6 Characters level 70+
  • 3 Characters level 60+
  • 2 Characters level 40+

You know you’ve been playing World of Warcraft too long when…


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