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Been a busy weekend in terms of gaming for me…

It’s that time again‚ school has begun! As such my gaming will get dialed back a bit to focus on my subjects of choice this semester: college physics and humanities.

In the plus column I have had a few great days of WoW action leading up to the start of school. I got my Death Knight’s enchanting skills up to par along with my priest’s alchemy skills. Not to mention I earned the “Classic Dungeon Master” achievement in the process. My next goal will be to earn the “Outland Dungeon Master” and “Outland Dungeon Hero” achievements.

I plan to focus on my rogue, shaman, and druid as they are the most neglected of all the characters I play (not to mention the lowest level). My goal is to have at least level 70s across the board by year’s end and possibly an 80 or two. If I do spend the time to get a couple characters to 80 it will be on the horde PvP server since that is the only active guild I belong to presently.

Hope everyone has a great day; off to bed I go!


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