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Back in the Saddle

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Been a busy weekend in terms of gaming for me…

My wife abandoned me (just kidding) to visit her family for a few days so I got to spend some quality time staying out of trouble (read: playing WoW). As such my Death Knight is now at level 75 and in the home stretch to 80. I also decided to respec him in light of my goal of having a tank, healer, and DPS class on every realm I play on.

I also dumped most of my trades on my Proudmoore toons - blacksmithing, jewelcrafting, and enchanting in particular. First and foremost, my guild is so small that there’s no need for me to spend heaps of gold to be able to craft things that aren’t in huge demand. This should give me more to spend on gear and supplies in addition to getting the nifty +STA and +CRIT buffs.

Last but not least I also reformatted/reinstalled the newest flavor of Windows 7 RC today. It seems to be working well so far; just need to reinstall Vanguard and EverQuest II now.

Happy Hunting!


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