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Games for Macbooks

2010-01-17 | ~1 minute(s) | ~139 words
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As fate would have it, gaming without Microsoft Windows is a real pain. So I broke down and upgraded my MacBook Pro hard drive to 640GB. I then created a “BootCamp” (read: Windows XP) partition so that I could install my PC games to play while traveling. While 180GB isn’t a lot of space, I am strongly considering a Steam account that will let me install a couple games at a time and then swap them out for other games I have purchased. There’s no need for me to have every game installed all the time - just the MMO titles that I play (WoW and Aion).

Update: Actually, Windows XP is incapable of leveraging what this system can do. So I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit edition. (Insert computer nerd joke here.)

Hope to see you online…


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