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Games at Work

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Game Dice

I recently finished reading David Allen’s Making it All Work, and the subtitle has captured my imagination. It reads: “Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life.” I appreciate the way this subtitle flips traditional associations of “business” with “work” and suggests reframing it as a “game” instead. Seeing work as a game is a helpful perspective for understanding how it fits into our life.

There are some interesting similarities between games and work:

Some games are addictive and enjoyable; the replay value brings players back often. Likewise, there are workplaces where employees love coming to work. In both cases, you find the following:

It’s true of games and work: success and failure grant experience. Yet with success comes (epic) rewards and opportunities for next-level challenges.

Conversely, there are games people avoid playing and jobs no one wants to do. These experiences also have some common characteristics:

You can probably figure out which “game” your workplace resembles without much effort. The question is: if you’re not happy with it, can you change the game or should you find somewhere new to play? Whatever you do, don’t stop playing; that’s not fun at all.

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