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Interdimensional Puzzles

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I tried out the Steam service this weekend and I am rather impressed. Online purchasing, distribution and installation tied to my username versus a physical disk and serial number/key is the way to go. No more wondering where the @#$% I put the disk or the manual with the serial number sticker on it. If you have broadband internet access available the service is ideal; if not, a physical disk and serial number are still your best avenue.

My first purchase was “The Orange Box” collection by Valve. Of all the games included in this bundle, I found myself playing Portal the most. It’s a little different approach that requires some understanding of physics, spatial analysis, and puzzles to realize success. Although I have yet to beat the game, it is a nice departure from the usual “run around and shoot stuff” theme of FPS games.

Until next time, don’t be afraid to try something new.

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