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An April Fool and an iPad

2010-04-03 | ~1 minute(s) | ~293 words
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Been a little busy with moving and other things in real life. Forgot to post in February. Then, I passed through a time-consuming vortex and March was gone. Doh!

Well, Aion was different but I have stopped playing. None of the people I know IRL play anymore and while the game is “pretty” and a little different concept than other MMO games, I have since reverted back to playing WoW.

Which leads to the next chapter… guild drama!

I discovered that everyone I liked in my horde guild jumped ship due to some highly inappropriate behavior. As such I have recently switched guilds, and joined “Live and Let Die” as of last night. By the way, if anyone in the old guild Strength In Numbers (SlN) guild would like to buy the “” domain, let me know. It was nice to chat with some friends I hadn’t heard from in a while.

I have also been enjoying some games on Steam lately. Namely: Company of Heroes, Half Life 2, and Portal.

In an unrelated story…

Apple’s highly anticipated iPad went on sale today. I didn’t order one - I’m still not sure if I want one. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I want to try one out before I commit to buying yet another gadget.

Currently I have an iPod Touch, a Macbook Pro (my Primary PC), an SSD-based Ubuntu Linux netbook, and a geeked-out Windows 7 gaming rig I share with my spouse. If I did get one, it would probably replace my netbook.

Time will tell. Too bad you can’t play WoW on the iPad (yet). But then again, MMO + couch is probably not a good thing. I hope all is well with anyone that reads this.

Until next time…


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